Tzanetakis' Tower

The Tower of Tzanetakis in Gythio is a characteristic example of the towers of Mani. An interesting attraction placed right on the middle of island Kranai ( Cranea), the restored Tzannetakis’ Tower, belonging to the Tzannetakis-Grigorakis family, was built in 1929. 

The ancient theatre of Gythion

The ancient theatre of Gythio, one of the most important archeological sites of the area, lies to the north of the modern city, close to the ancient town.

The Medieval Castle

The Medieval Castle is located 10 km outside the town of Githeio on the way to Aeropoli. Despite the devastation suffered, the towers remaining in a good condition.

Cape Tenaro

Cape Tenaro or Cape Matapas is the southest edge of continental Greece, Valkanian peninsula and continental Europe. Ancient Greeks believed that this was the passage to Ades, the god of the Underworld.

The castle of Tigani

The castle Maini or Tigani is located in the bay Mezapos. It was built by Justinian and became large military and religious center. The castle took its name from Mani and became the administrative center of the region.

Shipwreck "Aghios Dimitrios"

Right on the beach of Glifada, at the region of Valtaki, only 5 km away from Githio, you will be amazed by the view of Aghios Dimitrios shipwreck.

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