Neolithic Museum

Amazed by the Cave of Vlixada each visitor can continue the journey to Neolothic times by visiting the Cave of Alepotripa, where Neolithic Museum is placed, only a few meters away. Inside the museum one can admire interesting findings of 6.000 B.C. 

The Cave of Diros - Alepotripa

Alepotrypa Cave is located in the deep sheltered Gulf of Diros in western Mani, placed 220 meters east of the cave “Glyfada” and is about 20 meters above the sea level.

The church of Panagia at Drosopigi

The church of Panagia at DrosopigiIn the village of Ageranos, we suggest that you visit the church of St. Nicholas, and then at Drosopigi village, visit the post-Byzantine church of Panagia, with wall murals painted by Panagiotis Klirodeti in 1879.

The Caves Of Vlyxada or Glyfada

Vlyxada is one of the most beautiful lake caves. The level of the cave is almost at the same sea level and covers an area of 33,400 sqm. It was said that the cave have existed since 1900 and was explored for the first time in 1949 by Ioannis Petrohelos. They have found inside paths of 5000 meters and investigations unleashed fossils of animals that have existed two million years ago. The interior temperature ranges from 16-20 degrees Celsius.

The little island Cranea

Gythion was the original port of Sparta since many centuries. Its name means “the land of gods” and the city was a resting spot for traders. In 1898 the island Cranea connected to the mainland by a platform. 


Inside the neoclassical building of the Town Hall, designed probably by Tsiler, the archaeological collection is housed. Most important exhibits are archaic inscriptions on stones, pottery and Roman statues. 

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