All campers and visitors of Dias camping must accept and follow certain rules in order to achieve a pleasant and safe accommodation.

Check in – Check out

The arrival at the camping is taking place at the entrance, where reception is also located, which is open daily from 9.00 am until 22.00 in the evening.

By entering the campsite, campers must deliver their passport or identity, which remain at the reception until the time of departure.

Each camp position defined solely by the reception. Any change in the number of individuals should be specifically stated. All permanent campers are required to declare the members remaining in their camp. Every new camper will be charged extra.

Visitors should park their vehicles in specially designed areas within the campsite at the entrance.

Resting hours and Vehicles

The resting hours are from 14.00 to 17.30 and from 00.00 to 08.00. Please show respect during these hours for the proper accommodation of all campers.

Do not use your vehicle in the camping site for your transportation, unless it is totally necessary. Drive slowly, at a pedestrian’s speed.

Within the camping is forbidden to use the horn. Please deactivate the alarm too.  You should park only at your position or the parking spaceThe entry, exit and traffic of vehicles at the camping are not allowed after 22:00.

Cleanness – Environment

Lighting fire in the area of the campsite is strictly prohibited, because there is a high risk of fire.

CAUTION: firing on the campsite can cause serious damage to all.

Use the grill and coals carefully.

Damage caused by camper or visitor to the facilities or equipment of the camping is charged.

Washing dishes and clothes is allowed only in the specially designated areas. Please save on water. 

Respect the natural environment and maintain all areas clean. Do not throw cigarette ends to the sand.

All pets, whether small or big should always be kept on leash (no matter how calm they are). Take care of their excrements and do not let them go into the sea.


The electricity provision is exclusively for illumination, radio, TV, refrigerator and small over (max 1500w). The interference to the electrical supplies’ fuses is strictly prohibited.

We recommend using extension cords with rubber coating for safety reasons.

The camp is not responsible for loss, theft or damage of any object. Campers must keep their personal belongings.

It is very important to apply the regulations listed above so that every camper has a pleasant stay. Enjoy your holidays within a safe and clean environment.

The address of camping DIAS wishes you a wonderful stay.  

Camping Dias

Enjoy your dream holidays at Dias camping, within the beauty of nature just a step away from the beach. We invite you to explore the unique experience of camping inside our modern facilities and we promise you memorable summer holidays at the most beautiful location of Gythion.

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Camping Dias

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