Blue Flag Criteria

All the beaches of the municipality of Gythion (Selinitsa, Mavrovouni, Vathy, Ageranos, Kamares, Skoutari) have been awarded several times with the blue flag because they meet the "highest standards of bathing water quality".

25km. Kastania- Githio

The last part of the route is surrounded by forests, hills, caves and small rivers. After crossing the villages of Vardounia, Desfina, Achoumata, Platanos and Agios Vasilios, we reach the terminal station, Githeio.

26km. Arna- Rema Agias Marinas - Monastery of Panagia Giatrissa - Kastania

From Arna we pass through the ravine of Agia Marina (580 meters altitude) and after three and a half hours we reach the Monastery of Panagia Giatrissas at 1000 meters altitude. 

17km.The gorge of Lepida

The gorge of Lepida is one of the numerous, impressive gorges of Parnona, a natural partition between Arcadia and Laconia. Its length is 500 meters.

European Path E4

Karyes are the ideal base for activities and excursions in Parnona. It is also a point that the European route E4 passes through. This trail starts from the Pyrenees Mountains, enters the north of Greece Florina and terminates at Zakros, Crete. Many nature lovers, mountain climbing and walking lovers, traversing Karyes following the course of the trail, enjoying the beauties of nature and variations of colors.The international path E4 is under the supervision of the European Union treking (EWV) and has been designed and marked by the Greek Federation of Mountaineering - Climbing.

National Path E32

Camping Dias suggests you try the unique experience of hiking. The Peloponnese offers some of the best hiking trails in Greece. The most famous trail is “The national trail E32”. It starts from Bytina and ends up at Gytheio or Kardamyle, passing through the gorge of Lucius, mountainous Arcadia and the slopes of Mount Taygetos. The refuge placed at the mountain of Taygetos links to the European path E4 and follows three routes.


Whether it is a difficult ride or an easy one, either by the sea or in the mountains, crossing rivers or city streets, hiking is an activity that certainly only positive elements has to offer. There are many benefits not only for the body, but also for our psychology.

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