Camping Dias suggests you try the unique experience of hiking. The Peloponnese offers some of the best hiking trails in Greece. The most famous trail is “The national trail E32”. It starts from Bytina and ends up at Gytheio or Kardamyle, passing through the gorge of Lucius, mountainous Arcadia and the slopes of Mount Taygetos. The refuge placed at the mountain of Taygetos links to the European path E4 and follows three routes.

You may choose any route you wish depending on your mood and the degree of difficulty that you wish to have. The first route follows the path to Portes (top to Prophet Elias), Siderocastron, the ridge to Spanakaki and Panagia Kapsodematousa and then crossing the gorge of Rintomos and finishes in Santova of Kardamyle. This section of the trail is a very beautiful but difficult and dangerous path that lasts from 12 to 15 hours and also requires great care and experience. The second option takes only 2.5 hours and follows the path to the forest area of Pentavli, at 1200 meters altitude, and continues to St. Demetrios with its small church and then end up to Githeio. The third route follows the same path up to Saint Dimitrios, and then goes through the gorge of Vyros, lasting 8-10 hours leading to the beautiful shores of Kardamyle. The Routes of E32 are marked with red-white colors as all the national trails are, and remaining in a good condition thanks to the efforts of EOS Sparta. The total length of the route from Bytina is 150 km. The National trail E32 follows the following routes: Shelter Taygetos - Portes (peak to Prophet Elias) - Sidirokastro - ridge to Spanakaki - Panagia Kapsodematousa - gorge Ridomo - Santova Refuge Taygetos - Pentavli - Agios Dimitrios - Githeio / canyon Vyros.

Camping Dias

Enjoy your dream holidays at Dias camping, within the beauty of nature just a step away from the beach. We invite you to explore the unique experience of camping inside our modern facilities and we promise you memorable summer holidays at the most beautiful location of Gythion.

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Camping Dias

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