The gorge of Lepida is one of the numerous, impressive gorges of Parnona, a natural partition between Arcadia and Laconia. Its length is 500 meters. It takes about two hours to cross the gorge during which the visitors have the opportunity to enjoy the unique beauty of the landscape: rich flora and fauna, and two wonderful, large waterfalls (which experts call "Apel"), 45 and 70 meters, complete this stunning landscape. The access to the gorge is made by Kato Doliana and Kastritochoria. The visitors have to take into consideration that during the summer months the water in the gorge is scarce, which makes the descent safer. The crossing of the gorge of Lepida can be combined with a visit to remarkable destinations, such as Tiryns, Akronayplia and Mycenae, while nearby there are also several worth visiting beaches.

Camping Dias

Enjoy your dream holidays at Dias camping, within the beauty of nature just a step away from the beach. We invite you to explore the unique experience of camping inside our modern facilities and we promise you memorable summer holidays at the most beautiful location of Gythion.

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Camping Dias

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