A picturesque fishing village situated at the Laconian Gulf. It is the perfect destination to get away from the everyday routine and a chance to relax by the sea, under the sun.  It is also a starting point for those willing to go for a tour to the areas around, such as the historic Mystas, the town of Neapoli, Monemvasia and the beautiful Elafonisos. Archangelos is located 20 km north of Neapoli and is 30 km from Monemvasia and 60 km from the picturesque Githeio. If you are coming from Athens you will follow the National Road of Athens - Tripoli and then the road to Sparta. There are also bus routes and ferry connections from Piraeus to Monemvasia and Githeio.

Camping Dias

Enjoy your dream holidays at Dias camping, within the beauty of nature just a step away from the beach. We invite you to explore the unique experience of camping inside our modern facilities and we promise you memorable summer holidays at the most beautiful location of Gythion.

+30-2733093293 (Gytheio) +30-2104251301 (Piraeus) +30-6939121613 (Mobile)

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Camping Dias

27330-93293 (Gytheio)

210-4251301 (Piraeus)

6939121613 (Mobile)